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Wheelchair guide

Need help buying a wheelchair just click on send enquiry button and we will help you choose the perfect wheelchair based on your needs.

We have the largest variety of wheelchairs available ...

Wheelchair guide

Need help buying a wheelchair just click on send enquiry button and we will help you choose the perfect wheelchair based on your needs.

We have the largest variety of wheelchairs available in India. If necessary we can also customize a wheelchair as per your needs mainly pertaining to size, height functionality etc

We stock branded and fda approved wheelchairs.

Some of the brands we have partnered with are Karma , Easy Care ,Jeegar ,Vissco and will add a few more shortly

Here are a few basic tips based on the different types


  • Basic –mainly used for limited use within home or just within building complex etc

Or if you or someone in your family is a first time user, or wheelchair may be required for temporary use (basically entry level, with basic function of mobility and no other frill attached)

Here you choose between

Indian, imported and branded (all available in big and small wheels)

Big wheels user can self propel/

Small wheels user has to be pushed around by attendant or family member

  • With commode

Commode wheelchair serves 2 purposes mobility and also permits user to use it as a commode, here the waste is collected in a removable pot which can be cleaned

Some commode wheelchairs allow users to be taken directly over the commode for purpose of excretion


  • Self propelled/transit

Self -Here the user can propel or move around on their own

Transit -  here the user has  to be pushed around by an attendant or family member


  • Need to fit in car - compact

Here you will have to go in for a wheelchair that is very compact. Most wheelchairs fit in most cars,with a few exceptions 90cm*90cm (height and width when folded)is the space that a folded wheelchair will take(so you would need to check if your boot fits the wheelchair),if not nothing to worry we can help you with a wheelchair that can be folded down to fit your needs


  • Bariatric/heavy duty wheelchairs

If the user is above 100kg and big in size, bariatric wheelchair are used, they come with wider seats and better load bearing capability.


  • Lightweight aluminum wheelchairs

Aluminium wheelchairs are about 25% lighter than their counter parts plus they do not rust

Talking about lightweight generally wheelchairs sold weigh between 18-22 kgs

Ask us about lightweight wheelchairs weighing around 8-10kgs


  • Reclining

This wheelchair can be used as a recliner and reclines back for maximum comfort


  • Wheelchairs also come with specialized functions like removable armrest for easy user transfer from bed to wheelchair and vice versa


Legrest functions where the legrest is of removable or elevating type for a more relaxed wheelchair experience 


  • Power wheelchairs

These wheelchairs work on rechargeable battery and lets user control direction with a joystick


Questions to ask yourself

  • Can the user self propel?
  • Is your use limited or heavy use?
  • Is budget a concern or are you willing to spend extra for maximum user comfort?if yes we can offer you wheelchairs above Rs.30000/-(these come with high end seating and comfort and are made of aircraft grade aluminum)
  • Do you need commode option?
  • Are patient transfers from bed to wheelchair and vice versa common? If yes detachable armrest a must
  • Do you require a special leg rest function like elevated legrest or detachable?
  • Are you going to travel a lot with the wheelchair? So need a lightweight and compact unit? aluminum starts around 9000/-
  • Is the user above 100 kg? if yes ask us for bariatric wheelchairs
Arrex Lanzo Wheelchair
₹12,075   ₹22,000   (45% OFF)
Arrex Delux Wheelchair
₹11,550   ₹21,500   (46% OFF)
Arrex Faber Wheelchair
₹12,600   ₹22,000   (43% OFF)
Arrex Arrow Wheelchair
₹9,975   ₹17,750   (44% OFF)
Arrex Omega Wheelchair
₹12,075   ₹22,500   (46% OFF)
Arrex Zane Wheelchair
₹10,500   ₹18,000   (42% OFF)
Arrex Ross Wheelchair
₹16,380   ₹32,250   (49% OFF)
Arrex Hugo Wheelchair
₹10,710   ₹18,250   (41% OFF)
Arrex Konrad Wheelchair
₹10,080   ₹18,000   (44% OFF)
Arrex Joel Wheelchair
₹8,925   ₹14,500   (38% OFF)
Arrex Tino-X Wheelchair
₹8,400   ₹13,375   (37% OFF)
Arrex Airlift Wheelchair
₹9,450   ₹16,500   (43% OFF)
Arrex Nanuk Wheelchair
₹6,930   ₹10,500   (34% OFF)
Wheelchair 9001L
₹7,900   ₹9,900   (20% OFF)
Wheelchair 902C
₹8,200   ₹12,000   (32% OFF)
Arrex Nanuk Wheelchair
₹6,930   ₹10,500   (34% OFF)
Wheelchair 809Y
₹7,200   ₹11,000   (35% OFF)
Wheelchair 809
₹5,250   ₹8,500   (38% OFF)
Eco Indian Foldable Wheelchair
₹3,800   ₹6,000   (37% OFF)
Wheelchair 809F
₹5,250   ₹8,500   (38% OFF)
Wheelchair 809B
₹6,000   ₹9,000   (33% OFF)
Wheelchair 869LX
₹6,000   ₹9,000   (33% OFF)
Hero Mediva MHL1002 Red
₹6,000   ₹7,600   (21% OFF)
Hero Mediva MHL1002 Chrome
₹6,000   ₹7,600   (21% OFF)