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The 7F-5 oxygen concentrator is designed for individuals to use at use at home.Ths oxygen concentrator is a device that is electronically operated. The oxygen concentrator as the name suggests separates oxygen from room or atmospheric air. The 7f-5 oxygen concentrator delivers provides concentrated oxygen directly to the user through the nasal cannula. Thus making it therapeutically equivalent to other types of oxygen delivery systems.The 7F-5 oxygen concentrator delivers oxygen therapy to people with ailments, such as breathing problems ,lung disease, cancer, or heart problems, which prevent the proper amount of oxygen from circulating in the blood.


  • Complete plastic outer shell, safe and reliable.
  • Timing accumulates function, show total working hours through the display screen.
  • Exceed pressure safety valve.
  • Install power loss alarming function, high pressure and low pressure alarm function.
  •  Compressor has got over heat protection that ensures the safety of the compressor and concentrator.


  • Flow Range: 1-5 LPM/min
  • Oxygen Concentration: ≥95%
  • Maximum Outlet Pressure: 45kPa±4.5kPa
  • Pressure Relief Mechanism Operational at: 250kPa±25kPa
  • Altitude: Up to 1828 meters above sea level without degradation of concentration levels. From 1828 meters to 4000meters below 90% efficiency.
  • Sound Level: ≤55dB(A)
  • Input Power: ≤600VA
  • Weight: 26kg
  • Dimension: 44.5×37.2×68(cm3)
  • Minimum Operating Time: 30minutes
  • Minimum Operating Time: 30minutes
  • Electric classification: II class B type.