Nidek Nuvo Standard Oxygen Concentrator

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Nidek Nuvo Standard Oxygen Concentrator

The Nidek Nuvo Standard oxygen Concentrator from Nidek medicals is a reliable cost effective oxygen concentrator. The Nuvo Standard has been designed such that it provides enhanced features reliability and quality. It provides safe and reliable oxygen therapy using RPSA (Rapid pressure swing absorption) ,which allows the machine to reach full purity in less than 3 minutes a feat unmatched by competitor oxygen machines. The patented maintenance free rotary poppet valve system is a proven concept of cam operated ,direct drive gear reduction motor that is impervious to dirt and moisture and therefore specially suited for Indian conditions. An exclusive wick assembly used in the air tank absorbs moisture to increase the sieve beds. High efficiency spring mounted Thomas Compressor provides for quite longer and uninterrupted performance. The Nuvo Standard Oxygen Concentrator  is user friendly with an upright design which enables even the patient to operate easily. Its operation is quite and produces under 47dBA.A flowmeter allows accurate flow of oxygen as prescribed. The rear panel of the unit provides easy access to the cabinet and air filter and also the battery. Alarm systems alert the user in case of multiple type of malfunctions like high or low pressure, power failure or even oxygen purity. The unit is sturdy and robust with a strong durable body. The humidifier outlet is recessed and so are the castors which are recessed within the reinforced sub structure at the base, this not only protects the unit from damage but also allows easy mobility thanks to its compact size and weight that is less than 23 kg.


  • Quite operation – sound less than 47 dBA
  • Lightweight -22.7 Kgs Easy to move
  • Slender and sleek designed with integrated handle
  • Easy access to filters and battery
  • Superior grade of molecular sieve
  • Patented maintenance free rotary poppet valve
  • Exclusive moisture reducing wick assembly
  • Reinforced base with recessed castors to guard against breakage
  • Spring mounted high efficiency Thomas compressor
  • Patented RPSA (Rapid Pressure Swing Absorption) technology
  • Simple design for ease of use and maintenance


  • Size : 394*396*706 mm L*W*H
  • Weight :22.7kgs
  • Sound level :< 47 dBA
  • Power consumption : 400 Watts average
  • Safety Alarms : power failure , process failure , high and low pressure , low oxygen purity (OMS model)
  • Oxygen purity : 0-2 94% 2-4 93% 5LPM 90%
  • Outlet pressure : 7psi
  • Oxygen output : variable 0-5 LPM (1/2 litre increment)
  • Filters : cabinet , compressor intake and bacteria