Dr Morepen BG03 Glucometer Strips Gluco One

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Dr Morepen BG03 Gluco One Strips

These strips are intended to be used with Dr Morepen Blood Glucose Monitor BG03  for Blood glucose level detection. Available in packs of 25, 50 and 100. Dr Morepen  is one of the most popular glucometer brand in India for diabetes management because of highly economical cost of strips. They are designed for users to measure the glucose in fresh capillary whole blood of fingertips and palm and can be easily used by even senior citizens with diabetes. The Dr Morepen  Strips requires a very small quantity of fresh blood and result is displayed in 7 seconds.Dr morepen uses revolutionary no coding technology where there is no need to caliberate the machine with different strip lots These strips are compatible only with Dr Morepen Glucometers.