Air Bed Air Mattress Anti Decubitis Mattress for Bed Sores Easy Care - Tubular 6112

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Air Bed Tubular V Type 6111

Easy Care Tubular Air Bed with its V type patented design is suitable for bed ridden users with existing back pain conditions. This unit  prevents development of bed sores or pressure ulcers. This air mattress uses a large pump to keep the mattress inflated with cool air consistently with a pressure adjustment knob to control comfort settings. The medical grade mattress is CE marked and of highest standards and quality. The pump has hangers to adapt to any hospital bed or home care bed. The mattress is made of medical grade non toxic material which is easy to clean and store. A superior product imported from Hong Kong unlike other Chinese counterpart products available in India.


• Patented V-Type design which does not develop back pain to the stationed patient when on this mattress
• Prevents development a pressure ulcer
• Quite large pump has manual pressure settings according to the weight of a patient
• CE marked medical grade mattress
• Adjustable hangers of pump suitable for any bed frames