Omron HEM-6121 BP Monitor Wrist

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Omron Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-6121

  • Measuring Range

 Pressure: 0 -299mm Hg

Pulse: 40-180 beats/min


  • Accuracy

Pressure:  + or – 3mm Hg

Pulse: + or – 5%

  • Memory: 30
  • Battery Life:Approx.300 measurements, with new alkaline batteries
  • Display :digital
  • Power supply:4AA
  • Weight:101g without batteries
  • Dimensions: 78*60*21(w*h*l)
  • Cuff: fits wrist 13.5-21.5cm


 Special Features

  • Hypertension Indicator
  • Detects irregular heartbeat
  • Body Movement Indicator
  • Memory for 30 sets of readings with date and time
  • Cuff wrapping guide
  • Easy fit cuff


Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Model HEM-6121 is a wrist type blood pressure monitor capable of measuring human blood pressure in the range of 0-299 mmHg and pulse between 40-180 beats/min.Accurate to 3mm plus or minus and 5% pulse rate. New alkaline batteries will ensure approximately 300 readings, which means you and your family can measure blood pressure 300 times using the Omron Blood pressure Monitor HEM-6121.In addition to these the blood pressure monitor includes features like hypertension indicator, irregular heartbeat detector, body movement indicator, memory for last 30 readings along with date and time.