Totalcare Adult Diaper Medium

Totalcare Adult Diaper Medium

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Description of product

Totalcare Adult Diaper is one of Indias finest adult diapers with best in class and highest soaking capacity of approximately 2 litres of urine.Totalcare adult diaper is epitome of diaper standards manufactured in world class facility in Japan.Imported to offer you the best and highest soaking than no other diaper in India can offer

Totalcare Adult Diaper is available in 2 sizes

Medium (32" to 47") & Large (43"-58")


Product Highlights

  • Reliable performance with waist gathers and polymer absorbent

Soft waist gathers properly fit the person's back and provide barriers against leakage from the back.

Polymer absorbing urine powerfully and rapidly translates into dry and comfort.

  • Extra-protection from stuffiness thanks to wholly air-permeable sheet

Soft and air-permeable non-woven sheet ensures higher dryness and protects against stuffy conditions.

  • Refastenable easy-grip tape

Rapid lock and release system let repeating set with continuous adhesion. Not sticking on gloves.

  • Excellent deodorant effects

Deodorant polymer strongly cuts odor of urine




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